Norman Epoxy Flooring Installation

Epoxy Flooring installation in Norman

Epoxy floors are popular options for commercial and industrial applications, although they can also be used in residential settings. Most of these are actually epoxy coatings layers on top of existing concrete floors to improve the surface characteristics. These are often found in warehouses, restaurant kitchens, auto repair shops, garages, and various types of commercial buildings around Norman Oklahoma. 


Epoxy floor installation starts with surface preparation. It requires fully cured concrete with no cracks or grease. It should be clean but not polished or sealed. Epoxy adherence will be better if the floor is slightly porous. If unsure about old concrete, then try to pour a bit of water and see what happens. Beading means there is a sealant such that epoxy coating is unsuitable. If the water soaks in, then you can proceed with the epoxy coat. In most cases, this type of coating requires a primer and a finisher. 

If you would like to learn more about epoxy floor installation in Norman Oklahoma, then contact us at Norman Flooring Pros where are experts can get you all the information you need for your epoxy flooring renovation. Ask your questions about your existing floor’s suitability, application time, estimated cost, and so forth. We will be glad to help you get your project kicked off into full gear.

Benefits of Epoxy Floors


The epoxy coat protects the concrete underneath from foot traffic, vehicular skid, and machine scratches. Busy work areas will not be a problem. These are able to retain their pristine condition for a long time so you will get your money’s worth. Enjoy years of service from these floors despite the most demanding conditions. 

High Gloss 

The top surface of epoxy floors have a high gloss finish that allows it to reflect light from the ceiling and the windows. This contributes to the enhanced brightness of the area whether day or night. The glossy surface also looks pleasing to the eyes as it will seem nice and clean all of the time. 

Ease of Maintenance

The ease of maintenance is also a notable feature of these floors. Dirt, dust, and water will not build up on the surface. Anything on the floor can be removed without effort simply by wiping them away. You can also use a mop after the workday to clean things up. It will quickly come back to its high gloss.  

Stain Resistance

A lot of automotive shops prefer this type of flooring because it shrugs off common chemicals used in their industry. Oil and grease can be spilled without inducing any worries. These will not leave a stain on the surface. Just clean them up and go. The same is true for other chemicals used in kitchens and factories. It is also resistant to extreme heat. 

Versatile Patterns

These are floors that can be installed in different patterns. This is useful if you want to create visible markings that allow people to identify walkways around a site so they don’t stray to dangerous areas. This can also be optimized for decorative purposes.