Tile Installation in Norman Oklahoma

Kitchen Tile in Norman

If you live in Norman Oklahoma or adjoining areas and are considering a change in flooring, Norman Flooring Pros offer a wide and varied range of options for you to consider. There are many reasons to opt for tile installation, but the most important of these is the fact that it is durable, low maintenance and environment friendly.

Your floors experience wear and tear with foot traffic and the furniture that sits on it. If you have children, you are likely to experience frequent spills and falls. The flooring has to withstand a diverse range of activities like skating, bouncing basketballs and much more. And this is why when you are considering flooring options you must look at durable choices that are water resistant, and suit the style and décor of your home. 

Types of Tile Floors

When you opt for tile installation by Norman Flooring Pros, you need to look for a flooring choice that is long lasting, easy to clean and maintain, and goes well with your walls. There are many different types of tiles for you consider and these include the ever popular ceramic tiles and stone tiles. 

The stone tiles are made from natural stone such as marble, granite, slate, and travertine. To choose flooring tiles that would be ideal for your home in Norman, it would be wise to first look at the characteristics of the different flooring tiles available in the market.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles give the floors a unique look and feel. Since the material is natural, the stones come in many different colors and no two tiles are identical. For instance, slate tiles come in colors such as grey, blue, green, and brown. Travertine was used to construct ancient Roman baths and temples and is naturally slip resistant, quite like slate and quartzite. 

Marble tiles look sophisticated and graceful. They are however prone to staining and should be avoided in the kitchen. Mosaic tiles are crafted from materials such as stone, glass and ceramic. They are best recognized for their decorative element. They add an interesting design element to the flooring in your home. Stone tiles are naturally more expensive than ceramic ones but offer decades of service.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice with homeowners who have a strict budget for the tile floor installation. One can also opt for porcelain tiles that are made with porcelain clay and baked at a higher temperature. One of the most attractive qualities of this type of flooring is that ceramic tiles come in a range of hues and colors to suit every home and construction project. The tiles come in many design options including faux wood. One could also go with ceramic tiles that are designed to look like stone. These tiles are strong, resistant to stains and scratches. They do not allow dust to collect easily on the surface and are ideal for homes of people who suffer from allergies. 

If you live in Norman Oklahoma or neighboring areas and are looking for quality tile flooring installation that suits your preferences and budget, you should call us today. We can help you identify several flooring solutions that would suit your home perfectly. Our teams of master craftsmen have the technical expertise and experience to ensure that every tile flooring installation is completed with your satisfaction.