LVT and Vinyl Installation in Norman, Oklahoma

Vinyl Flooring Renovation in Norman Oklahoma

Vinyl flooring became popular after World War II when people were looking for a low-cost material that is capable of repelling water. It soon overtook linoleum in sales as it became the floor of choice in kitchens and bathrooms. More innovations across the decades solidified its position as a leading choice for this application. You can find this in millions of homes around the country, and there are certainly plenty of examples within Norman Oklahoma. 

There are several types of vinyl flooring. You can use resilient sheet vinyl which is thin and flexible. This has a printed design that is protected by a transparent wear layer. You can get this in up to 12-foot rolls so installation is easy and seam as few. It is great for areas that tend to have a lot of moisture. You could also get resilient vinyl in tile form. Many of these already have adhesive at the back so you can just peel and stick. For thicker planks, use luxury vinyl which snap together and float on the floor. 

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Benefits of Vinyl

Low Cost of Vinyl

Consider vinyl if your budget is tight but you still want a nice floor for your house. Vinyl planks look like the real thing yet they cost only a fraction of hardwoods. You can get the look that you are dreaming of without having to empty your wallet. You can always upgrade to the real thing later on but for now you can enjoy similar aesthetics.

Varied Designs

You can find vinyl planks in a wide range of color and patterns. Think about the kinds of woods that you like. You can go for neutral colors like light or dark gray to make any décor. For example, aged teak turns into silvery gray from an initial golden brown. Get that weathered look inside your home. You could also opt for warm colors like that of cherry wood to match similar furniture.


Vinyl floors are good insulators. The material is comfortable to walk on even when barefoot. Cold winters will not be a problem because you can go around the house without having to put on any footwear. While it isn’t soft like carpet, it also isn’t as hard as tile or stone floors. 

Dampens Noise

Its value as an insulator extends to noise dampening. If you would like to make sure that your floor does not contribute to loud sound around the house, then this is a good option to consider. This should be especially helpful if you have lots of kid or pets constantly running around the premises.